Email Scam – Client Scammed thousands after clicking on dodgy major bank email

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WARNING! Clients, Friends and Colleagues:

I received an email from my Solicitor and wanted to share this with everyone, regarding Major Bank Scam Emails.

Please…Never open an email from people you do not know, from organisations such as Banks, Department Stores or Government Departments seeking information.

The scam email will usually request information or a link for you to click – DON’T DO IT!!!

Today a client has advised that he has been scammed thousands when clicking on an email from a major bank. The client actually has accounts with that bank and was transacting with them at the time. He believed the email from the Bank was genuine. It is unlikely the client will recover the lost money.

Banks generally speaking will never email you and ask you to update your details.

If they do, make sure you do not click on a link from your email. Either contact the bank directly or login to your bank website directly.

Common scams are:

  • Banks wanting you to update your information or advising you of problems with your account
  • Courier companies advising you of a delivery;
  • Scammers pretending to be Grays Online or Ebay;
  • The ATo advising that you have a refund;
  • An overseas inheritance;
  • A wonderful business opportunity;
  • Customer Service Surveys etc.

Delete all such emails from your inbox.

Source: Philip McNamara, Solicitor, McNamara & Associates

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Jeff Suter

Managing Director at Dark Horse Financial
Jeff is a long term property investor and provides clients with both residential and commercial finance strategy for a living.

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