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Loan Approval Centre

Everything you need to apply for finance.

So as we can assess  your situation as soon as possible and to be able to give you accurate advice on the correct Loan Structure, Lender and Product, we will need some information from you.

Get Started with your Application in 2 Easy Steps

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Step 2

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Loan Application Process


The first step is to Access our Loan Approval Centre, which has all the information and documentation that you need to get started applying for finance.

Once you've accessed our Loan Approval Center. Get Started by completing the following. We can then assess your situation and give you accurate advice on the correct Loan Structure, Lender and Product for you.

  • Complete a Fact Find (Tell us about you & your needs)
  • Verification (Send Verification Documents to us


Once all information has been received one of our Mortgage & Credit Advisors will contact you to confirm and clarify the information you have provided.

At this stage we can organise a time to meetup, or as we deal with clients Australia Wide, for your convenience we can also communicate through:

  • Face to Face
  • Phone
  • Skype/Facetime
  • Email
  • Fax

We work with you to identify:

  • Your immediate finance needs
  • Identify priorities and Key frustration
  • Complete a Detailed Budget Audit
  • What you ideally seek from your preferred lending partner


Our team of analysts then:

  • Ascertain your Borrowing Capacity
  • Research appropriate home loan options
  • Shortlist Lenders & present 2-3 recommendations that best suit YOU
  • Document and validate the recommendations
  • Compile a Detailed Report of Costs to Purchase/Refinance
  • You will then be sent Recommendations & Reports


Our Mortgage & Credit Advisor will organise a time to discuss and answer any questions:

  • Decide on Loan Structure & Product
  • Prepare, then submit your loan application
  • Actively manage the application process to ensure that all milestones are met in a timely fashion
  • Actively manage the settlement process, and Liaise with Real Estate Agent and Conveyancer to ensure that your loan settles on time, as agreed
  • Help with connecting services to your new home
  • Initiate our 6 week post-settlement follow up Program


As a Lifetime Client, we guarantee to:

  • Maintain accurate, up-to-date, confidential records
  • Keep you up to date each month through our client newsletter
  • Keep you up to date with changes and latest products in the market
  • We will notify you when you Fixed Rate, Interest Only, or Introductory Rates are about to end.
  • You can let us make sure that you are always in a competitive loan, so you don'y have to worry
  • We simplify you financial need so you don't have to worry.

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