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The 2014 Property Investor Summit is almost here, and I wanted to share this with our followers.

Whether you are looking to get into property investing or already on your path to building a property portfolio, this as an event you must check out.

The Property Investor Summit has some fantastic speakers, including one of my favourites Chris Gray, who I now model my own Property Investment Strategies on.

If you are looking for the Latest Positive Cash Flow & Growth Strategies for 2014, you need to check this out.

Event locations include, Melbourne, Perth, Parramatta, Sydney and Brisbane.

Claim you FREE Ticket and event dates here.

“If you’d  like me to keep you up to date with any other events or information, please connect. Would be happy to welcome you to our community.”

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Jeff Suter

Managing Director at Dark Horse Financial
Jeff is a long term property investor and provides clients with both residential and commercial finance strategy for a living.

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