Case Study: Trade Finance for Civil Construction

trade finance for civil construction

Trade Finance Case Study for Civil Construction Our client, a civil construction company working with top-tier clients, spoke to us about suppliers who were not extending enough credit to support them until their progress payments came through. Working with our lenders, we secured a $500,000 Trade Finance Line of Credit which our client could use […]

Case Study: Business Finance For Smaller Business And Franchises

small business worker

Got 2 minutes? Our case study covers finance for small business and franchises. The subject of our case study was introduced to us by another finance broker whose client had seen a Dark Horse Financial post. They were a franchisee of a well-known group. To assist their cash flow while waiting for payment from their […]

3 Ways To Raise Capital Fast – Fast Lending

warehouse worker

If you have run a business for any length of time, you’ve likely personally experienced the need for emergency funding or witnessed that need by observing the challenges other business owners have faced. We take you through three ways of raising capital quickly with fast lending. Why would a business need funding fast? No matter […]

Get Paid By Your Customers Faster With Invoice Finance

Benefits of invoice finance

There are a number of reasons why you might want to bring revenue recognition forward in your business. We explore some of the main reasons business owners seek to bring revenue forward and look at solutions that make it possible. Planning to grow your business Growing your business often requires capital to invest in equipment, […]

How To Use Good Debt For Business

use good debt for business

Rich Dad, Poor Dad was one of my favorite and first finance books that I looked at more than 20 years ago. The best thing that I found in that book was the everyday language used to explain in simple terms the difference between an asset and a liability.  If you understand those, you can […]

Case Study: Using equipment & invoice finance to purchase a business:

Our client came to us looking to purchase a transport business that was complimentary to their existing operation in a nearby area. The business owner identified the business was undervalued due to current conditions and wanted to secure funding for the acquisition without changing their existing property finance. The client’s original business had an invoice […]

Case Study: Equity gaps (and not the family home)

Our client, a labour hire business providing contractors to the mining sector, was regularly using close to $1M to cashflow the business until their invoices were paid. In practical terms this represented their limits of self funding meaning they could not pitch for more busine Ideally requiring a $1M facility with the potential to grow […]

60 second Case Study: Raising Capital for a Restructure

Having dealt with a pre-insolvency specialist our client came to us as they were about to restructure. Parts of their business were still viable and have potential for a strong future – they needed funds to pay professional fees to steer them through the difficult period they were facing but they had no available equity […]

Case Study: Move the cost of moving premises over 4 years with fitout finance

$600k equipment and soft costs financed Our client is a food wholesaler who had built annual revenue to nearly $20M using contract manufacturers for the production of their food lines. Whilst some business owners have been experiencing difficulties with their premises, this business found an opportunity to take up a factory that was ideal for […]

Case Study: An Overdraft Line of Credit Without Property Security

Our client is a property maintenance service business, typically making repairs and improvements to residential investment property at the request of the managing real estate agent. Initially they approached us for an invoice finance facility. This wasn’t a product we could utilise as their debtors weren’t the real estate businesses that co-ordinated their jobs but […]