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✔ Business Loans from $10,000 to $50M

✔ Lines Of Credit including Unsecured Overdrafts

✔ Commercial Property Loans & Property Development Finance

✔ Secured and unsecured loans

✔ Equipment finance & Machinery Loans

✔ Private Lending including Second Mortgages

✔ Invoice Finance to Manage Cash Flow

✔ Import & Trade Finance Lines of Credit

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    Grow Your Business With a Commercial Business Loan

    Commercial Business Loans to support your business financing no matter whether you’re a start-up looking for a small business loan or a mature business looking for financial support cash flow or your next acquisition.

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    Funding For ATO Tax Debts

    Different Types Of Commercial Business Loans for Business Growth

    Overdrafts & Lines of Credit

    are great to support the day-to-day operations for business and aid cash flow through times of business growth or a seasonally quiet period.

    Secured & Unsecured Term Loans

    can be used to consolidate debt, invest in an opportunity and payout ATO tax debt.  Some loans can be approved and funded in the same day.

    Equipment Finance

    can increase your revenue and efficiency by investing in plant and equipment.  You can also raise capital against the equipment, vehicles and machinery you own in your business.

    Business Loan Case Studies

    Equipment Finance Case Study

    Equipment Finance Case Study: $600k capital raise for a competitive advantage for a manufacturing business (equipment as security). Our client had purchased manufacturing machines at auction they knew they could repurpose and create a product they needed to previously import from overseas. Once operational the capability as the only producer in Australia would give them a competitive advantage.

    Requiring $600,000 to bring the assets online the business owner had been told by a previous expert they would need to put the family home on the line to raise the level of capital required. We could see a solution that didn’t require property. Looking at the business owners asset register we were able to raise $600k against their existing machinery assets using forecasted earnings to demonstrate serviceability.

    Business Equipment Loans For Manufacturing Business
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    Cash Flow Loan Case Study​

    $3M restructure and extension of major bank credit facilities for a home furnishings retailer (monthly repayments lowered by $20k). A manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of quality home products, our client came to us seeking funding for a bespoke software solution. Looking at their major bank loans they asked us to review all of their credit facilities which consisted of secured and unsecured term debt totaling $1.8M, a trade finance line of credit with a $750k limit, and a $100k business credit card.

    While being a strong, well-established business they were concerned with the potential for a downturn in consumer spending over the next 6 months and were open to improving their business cash flow if a change in the bank could support a material difference.

    Cash Flow Loan Case Study​

    $1.5M Major Bank Unsecured Overdraft to a Professional Services Business. Our client came to us after months of delays with their existing bank seeking a line of credit to support their business plans. Despite clearly being profitable and having the upside to their business their existing bank couldn’t deliver a line of credit that didn’t involve taking security over director property.

    Second-tier unsecured lenders offer both term loans and unsecured overdrafts or lines of credit – but SO DO major banks. Provided servicing stacks up for the bank facilities along with other business lending criteria, lines of credit can be secured with accounts receivable or with directors’ guarantees – neither of these arrangements requires property security by default.

    Understanding our client’s business we positioned an application with our recommended bank and achieved an approval for a $1.5M overdraft limit within a week of submission.

    Business Loans Australia For Civil Construction

    FAQs for Business Loans in Australia

    A business loan is a financial arrangement where a lender provides a specific amount of money to a business with the agreement that the funds will be repaid over a predetermined period, along with any interest and fees. Business loans and small business loans are designed to provide companies with the capital they need to cover various expenses, whether it’s for day-to-day operations, business investment or commercial property.

    Business loan options include:

    • Term Loans: Both secured and unsecured, these loans for business are ideal for long-term investment or debt consolidation.
    • Lines of Credit & overdrafts: these provide flexible access to funds for day-to-day operational costs.
    • Equipment Finance: Designed to help businesses invest in new machinery or equipment to increase efficiency and revenue with business equipment loans.
    • Commercial Property Loans: Ideal for business owners looking for commercial finance to invest in commercial property or property development.
    • Invoice Finance: Commercial finance provides immediate finance cash flow by allowing businesses to get an advance on their outstanding invoices.
    • Import & Trade Finance: Specialised lines of credit for businesses seeking to import goods or strengthen their supply lines.

    Terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules can vary depending on the type of loan and the specific financial situation of the business.

    We help business owners secure business funding ranging from $10,000 to $50 million.

    The time different types of business loans and different lenders take to approve and settle applications can vary.  Same day funding is possible in less than 24 hours under certain circumstances.  As a general rule low-doc or no-doc applications are the fastest and full-doc bank applications take the longest.

    Yes start-up businesses can access small business loans including equipment finance, some lines of credit and secured loans depending on cash flow forecasts and the Directors personal position.

    Equipment Finance business loans can help you invest in new machinery or equipment to increase revenue and efficiency. You can also raise capital against existing equipment to consolidate debts or invest in an opportunity.

    Business investment loans are designed to help business owners fund major investments such as purchasing equipment, property, or other capital expenditures. These loans provide the capital businesses need to grow and expand operations and can range from $10,000 to $50M in size.

    • Purchasing commercial real estate
    • Buying equipment, machinery, vehicles or other assets
    • Renovating or expanding existing facilities
    • Funding research and development initiatives
    • Financing a merger or acquisition

    No, in many cases you don’t need property security to obtain a business loan. While it can sometimes be advantageous to offer property security for a business there are many business loan solutions that don’t require directors to offer up property.

    Nationwide Business Loan Australia Services for Business Growth

    Dark Horse Financial offers loan solutions across Australia providing essential financial support to businesses of all sizes including corporate and asset finance. These services cater to the diverse needs of businesses, whether it's for a start-up business to get on the right track with a small business loan, expand an existing business, or navigate through challenging times.

    With a wide array of loan options and flexible terms, Dark Horse Financial ensures you get the best loans possible. Commercial business loan services are provided across Australia, including, business loans Melbourne, business loans Queensland, business loans Brisbane, and business loans Sydney just to name a few of our servicing locations.

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