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    At, we help Australian businesses access asset and equipment finance solutions tailored to suit their individual business needs.

    Access equipment loans from $10,000 up

    With flexible lending criteria, we are able to cater to a wide range of businesses.

    Finance available for most types of business assets

    We’re able to help people that other lenders can’t

    No age limits with our Equipment Finance

    Many lenders have limits on the age of assets they will finance — preferring new or near new equipment. But we do things differently! As long as the equipment being financed still has a useful life left, we have no limits on the age of the equipment being financed. 

    We’re commercial finance specialists who focus on helping both small business equipment finance to assisting large scale businesses forge their way to success.

    We ensure your commercial finance solution is tailored to your unique situation and wholeheartedly aligns with your business needs and goals. 

    Cash Flow-Friendly Repayments

    Strategic structuring for both small business equipment finance and large scale businesses 

    By finding the right loan term, competitive equipment finance rates and finance amount, plus strategic structuring of your business finance, we ensure your regular repayments suit the cash flow needs of your business.

    Heavy Vehicle

    Balloon payments available for commercial equipment finance

    To help with the serviceability of your loan, you can choose to have a balloon payment included in your equipment finance. A balloon payment is an agreed-upon lump sum paid at the very end of the loan. It helps to reduce your regular repayment amounts over the term of the loan. We can also help with balloon payment refinancing.

    Eligibility criteria

    If you’re a sole trader or business owner searching for the right equipment plant and equipment finance for your individual circumstances, you’ve come to the right place.

    While lending criteria apply, we can help you access lenders with flexible requirements — so the loan approval rate through is much higher than with other lenders.

    No minimum trading history

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    Bad credit products available

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    Business loans for a range of financial circumstances

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    Unlock equity in your existing equipment with Equipment Financing

    If you need to raise capital and have existing business equipment that you own outright, a sale and leaseback agreement can allow you to access the equity in your equipment.

    This finance agreement is a type of equipment finance where the lender finances the asset (which is used as security for the equipment finance loan), and then you make repayments over the agreed-upon loan term. Rather than using the finance to purchase an asset for your business, you use the finance for whatever cash flow or capital needs you have.

    Essentially, you are selling your asset to the lender, however, you retain control and use of the asset during the repayment period. Once the finance is repaid, it is once again your unencumbered business asset.

    This type of finance can be a good way to raise capital equipment finance and is commonly used to repay tax debt.


    Construction equipment

    Take advantage of the Temporary Full Expensing Scheme

    The Temporary Full Expensing Scheme allows eligible businesses to claim an immediate tax deduction for the total cost of depreciating assets that meet eligibility criteria.

    This scheme can be used to reduce taxable income in the financial year the asset is purchased, rather than depreciating the asset over a number of years (and claiming a deduction each year for the depreciation).

    For example, if you purchase a $150,000 asset today, and meet the eligibility criteria, you could reduce your taxable income for the financial year by the entire $150,000.

    The scheme could have a significant impact on reducing tax in the year the tax deduction is used.

    If you’d like to learn more about our equipment finance solutions, please feel free to contact us or get a quick online quote today.

    Equipment Finance FAQs

    A chattel mortgage is a name given to an equipment loan where the lender uses the purchased asset as security. If the borrower does not repay the loan, the lender can legally seize the security asset to recoup their losses.

    The interest expense and other related monthly fees and charges may be tax deductible when the asset is purchased for business purposes. Please seek independent tax advice for more info.

    We can help you access finance for used and new assets. Assets of any age can be considered.

    Business Equipment Finance Services Available Nationwide

    Business equipment finance in Australia is a financial service that supports businesses in acquiring the equipment they need to expand their business. offers a wide range of equipment finance solutions, businesses across the country can efficiently manage their capital resources while acquiring essential machinery, technology, and assets with the best equipment finance rates possible. Services are offered nationwide, including equipment finance Melbourne and equipment finance Brisbane, are just some of our servicing locations across Australia.