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Tax Debt Loans & Consolidation

Tax Debt Loans & Consolidation

  • Tax debt loans from $10k – $50M
  • Loans for GST, PAYG & Superannuation obligations
  • Unsecured & Secured Loan Solutions
  • Interest-only available
  • Tax debt loans for start-ups and established businesses
  • Bad credit solutions
  • Protect your credit rating from ATO enforcement action 
  • Avoid Directors Penalty Notices (DPNs)
  • Minimise ATO penalty interest and charges
  • Access extended payment terms
  • Fast solutions – same-day lending available

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    Manage Your Tax Debts with A Tailored Loan Solution

    Secure the funds you need to cover your outstanding GST, PAYG, and Superannuation obligations with confidence with direct help with tax debt

    A tailored tax debt loan solution can offer you fast access to funds with flexible repayment options to help with tax debt that suit your business needs.  Avoid penalties, ATO enforcement action and protect your credit rating. 

    Tax debt loan solutions are available to start-ups, established businesses, and even those with bad credit. 

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    Funding for ATO Tax Debts

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    Tax debt loans are lending solutions specifically designed to help businesses pay off their tax liabilities, including GST, PAYG, and Superannuation obligations.  Depending on your situation you can access unsecured or secured loans, lines of credit and private lending solutions.

    Despite what major banks may tell you it is possible to get a loan to pay off tax debt.  Outside of the major banks there are many lenders that can assist you with paying off tax debt

    There are a range of loan types that can be used in paying off tax debt.  Some of these include unsecured loans, lines of credit, short-term property loans, overdrafts, and private lending solutions.

    A loan can provide you with the funds needed to pay off your ATO debt, avoiding penalties and interest charges, as well as improving your cash flow by offering longer terms than what might be possible to negotiate with the ATO.

    Yes, there are loan solutions to start-up businesses as well as those that have been operating for a number of years.

    Yes, there are a number of different loan solutions available to pay out tax debt even if you have bad credit.  There are unsecured loan options for business owners with less than perfect credit history as well as the ability to raise capital against equipment or the equity you might hold in property. 

    An ATO business payment plan is an arrangement with the Australian Tax Office to pay off your tax debt in instalments over time, often with added interest and penalties.  One of the reasons business owners seek a loan to pay out their tax debt is ATO business payment plans are often too demanding on business cash flow because they’re not over a long enough time period.

    If a DPN has been issued personal liability can be avoided if, within 21 days of issue, a company goes into administration, is wound up, appoints a restructuring practitioner, or pays out the debt.  If your PAYG and GST was reported more than 3 months after its due date the only way to avoid personal liability is to pay out the debt. 

    ATO penalty interest is a charge imposed by the Australian Tax Office on overdue tax debts, calculated on a daily basis.

    Yes, you can consolidate tax debt and multiple other debts into one debt consolidation loan to make debts easier to manage and have one repayment.

    Yes, interest-only loans are available to pay out tax debts from Private Lenders.  

    Unsecured loans and bridging finance can be used to fund a tax debt loan the same day as the application.  How fast your loan settles will depend on which type of loan you apply for and your personal circumstances.  If you need to get a loan urgently to pay out tax debt it could be appropriate to get a short-term bridging loan and then refinance that debt with cheaper long-term funding from a bank.

    Yes, our unsecured overdraft can be used to pay out company tax debt.  Our overdraft is a genuine revolving line of credit and can be set up with no establishment fees.

    The application process for a tax debt loan depends on which type of loan best suits your circumstances.  Unsecured loans will typically be a no doc solution that is assessed through a bank data link.  Private lenders also won’t require financials as they will seek to understand the equity in property being used for security by carrying out a valuation.  If you’re raising capital against equipment finance you may need to provide financials as part of the assessment process depending on the loan amount.

    Disclaimer: Loans and loan products are to approved applicants only.  Rates, fees, policy and inclusions are subject to change without notice.  As such no guarantees or warranties are made about the accuracy of the information on this page.

    Tax Debt Loan Services Available Nationwide

    Tax debt loans are accessible to both individuals and businesses throughout Australia. They provide a means to attain tax debt relief and financial stability, particularly for businesses. These specialised loans are designed to create personalised tax debt payment plans, alleviating financial stress. By a business utilising tax debt relief loans, individuals can take essential steps towards paying off tax debt and mitigating the potential repercussions of unpaid taxes.

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