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    Simple, Fast Access to Cash With Private Lending

    When the big banks and traditional lenders have knocked back your application for a traditional loan, and you don’t know where else to turn, accessing a private loan could be the best way to raise capital for business owners and property developers.

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    Find the Flexibility You Need Through a Private Lending Solution

    With private loans, there are no restrictions around what you can use the money for. Once approved, you can use private funding for any worthwhile business purpose. Using residential property or commercial property as security, you’re free to decide how to use your funds.

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    A Private Lender Isn't Concerned About Your Credit History

    If you’re struggling to access finance through mainstream lenders because you’ve got bad credit, private lender loans can remove the hassle. Backed by a security property and an exit strategy, private lending specialists are happy to offer private loans for bad credit to business owners regardless of their credit score.

    Access Cash Exceptionally Fast Through Private Lenders

    You are granted unrestricted access to the money once you’ve been approved for private loans. The funds can be used in literally any worthwhile business venture – whether it’s a residential or commercial property and even when provided as security.

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    Benefits of Private Lending

    Private business loans support your business with easy-to-access, short-term business finance. It provides your business with the working capital support you need, without being a drain on cash flow at the same time.

    One of the most significant benefits of private lending services is the flexible private lending criteria, making it simple for almost any business owner to access the capital they need from private lenders.

    If you’ve gotten nowhere with traditional bank loans, and you’ve got property to use as security, it’s comforting to know that there are non-bank, alternative options outside of the major banks and unsecured lenders. Some of these even include private loans that can come with up to 12 months of deferred interest payments available.

    Private Lending Case Studies

    We have helped many business owners access the finance solution they needed when other private lenders couldn’t help. Below are some of those examples:

    • When banks are too slow: $750,000 second mortgage secured against a rural property in SA so the client could purchase machinery as their bank was too slow for their needs.
    • Get on top of ATO debt: $150,000 with a caveat over a property to payout tax debt. The time from application to settlement with cash in hand was 72 hours
    • Working capital for business expansion:
      • $2.5M for working capital as a first mortgage with a 70% LVR.
      • $450,000 for working capital against a farm in rural Victoria funded up to an LVR of 55%.
      • $1.2M for working capital against land in Melbourne at a 70% LVR
    • Access the business finance you need to succeed from private money lenders


    Any cash accessed through private lenders needs to be for business purposes. A business purpose can include activities such as:

    • Accessing working capital and cash flow.
    • Purchasing a business.
    • Starting a business.
    • Paying off business debt (including ATO tax debt).
    • Property development.

    Private loans are secured by real estate property, which means the loan amount is based on the value of the security property. The way in which the asset is secured will depend on the type of private loan. For example, with a second mortgage, the private lenders have a legal claim over the property after the first mortgage lender. However, with a caveat loan, a caveat is placed on the property title restricting what the owner can do with the title, but they do not have a legal claim as they would with a mortgage. This is actually the reason private loans can be so fast — a caveat can be placed on the property title in a matter of hours, so the funds can be released promptly.

    The interest rate will depend on your exact circumstances and the private lenders chosen.

    Most private lenders will expect the loan repayments to be repaid within 3-12 months. This term issued by your private lenders can sometimes be extended beyond 12 months.

    If you’re looking to purchase a property before the sale of your existing property is complete, private lenders can offer a bridging loan. This helps to cover the cash flow gap that exists with misaligned settlement dates.

    Client Testimonials

    I have a Buyers Advocacy business where we rely heavily on the advice our clients receive about the ability to gain finance. The team at have always given clear and consistent advice to my clients about the limits when borrowing have always made it clear about what they can afford.
    Sam Spernat
    Sam Spernat
    Jeff is awesome. He actually cares about the people he is assisting through the maze that is banks and loans. He was there every step of this journey for me and he is someone you can trust to do the right thing by you….personal service that is rare….highly recommend Jeff and his team
    Ryan Jenkins
    Ryan Jenkins
    Words will never be enough to show our gratitude to Jeff for all the help he has given in correctly and efficiently financing our properties!!
    His attention to detail, no nonsense talking and genuine caring nature has been a refreshing change from others we have worked with!!
    Thank you
    Katrina Yon
    Katrina Yon

    Private Lending Services Across Australia specialises in offering private lending services across Australia. With a deep understanding of the local market and a nationwide reach, we provide tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals. Including, private lending Brisbane, private lending Melbourne, private lending Perth and private lending Sydney. Ultimately, a simple and fast way to gain access to cash, with this service.

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