Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

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    Small Businesses are the Backbone of the Economy.

    In 2023, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) accounted for a third of Australia’s gross domestic product. SMEs make up a sizable sector that employs millions and drives the economy forward. When small businesses succeed, the economy thrives.

    Access to capital is a critical factor in the ability of small businesses to navigate these hurdles and reach success. 

    Small business loans play a vital role in overcoming challenges, providing the necessary funds to pay for operational costs, invest in new equipment, expand operations, hire valuable employees, and weather unexpected economic storms. 

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    Reach Your Business Goals with the Right Funding

    At Dark Horse Financial, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that small businesses face. Whatever your financial need may be, our team is here to bring expert guidance every step of the way.

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    Tailored Solutions

    Every small business has its own goals. Some need working capital solutions, while some aim to expand and smash ambitious growth targets. We’ll help find financing solutions that fit your business’s unique needs. We know the ins and outs of small business financing, so we can connect you with the best lenders that can provide the right terms and rates for your situation.

    Quick Turnaround Times

    In many cases, businesses need financing urgently—you may be dealing with a problem that needs a fast funding solution, or in a rush to seize time-sensitive opportunities. We can help you get solutions with fast turnaround times. Get financing in as fast as 24 hours

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    Low or No Doc Applications

    Not all businesses have complete documents for a loan application and there are valid reasons you may need a solution that’s light on documents. can help you find the best low or no-doc loans.

    Terms from 3 Months to 30 Years

    Loan terms determine how much you’ll pay regularly and how long you need to pay. Many consider longer terms to be ideal, but that’s not always the case because businesses have varying needs. We can help you get access to different loan terms, some as short as a few months and some as long as a few decades. Moreover, we’ll help you determine the loan duration that fits your needs the best.

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    Find the Right Type of Funding for Your Small Business

    Lenders offer a wide selection of loan types for small businesses. Here are some of the most common types of financing you can obtain to help take your business to the next level:


    Maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial for the success of any small business. An unsecured overdraft facility provides business owners with a revolving line of credit that can be accessed whenever needed. This gives businesses working capital solutions, giving them the funds to pay for essential costs, like utilities, payroll, and more.  


    Small businesses typically need equipment, tools, machinery, and technology to operate and succeed. Equipment finance solutions make it easier for you to acquire the equipment your business needs. Get access to a wide array of equipment, whether you need the latest tech or are looking for secondhand assets. With this type of financing, businesses can acquire equipment quickly, enabling them to start operations immediately.


    Business lines of credit allow you to draw funds as required, repay them, and then re-borrow, providing you with a reliable source of working capital. Whether you need to cover seasonal fluctuations, bridge gaps in invoicing, or invest in new growth initiatives, we can help you get the solutions you need.


    Unsecured loans provide you with the funds you require without the need for security, making it ideal for those with no assets. Whether you’re looking to expand your premises, hire new talent, or develop products, unsecured loans can get you the funds to take your business to the next level. We can work with you to find financing that aligns with your unique goals and cash flow.


    Waiting for clients to pay their invoices can inhibit your cash flow and strain your overall finances. Invoice finance can bridge cash flow gaps by allowing businesses to unlock the value of their outstanding receivables. By advancing up to 85% of the value of accounts receivable, invoice financing can help businesses get the funds needed to maintain business operations.

    International Delivery

    Purchasing raw materials and supplies from domestic or overseas suppliers is essential to many small businesses in Australia. However, supplies can be a huge expense and can strain business cash flow. With trade finance, businesses can access a line of credit to pay for raw material imports upfront. Then, they’ll have anywhere from 60 to 210 days to repay, allowing them to do more without dipping into their cash reserves.

    Small Business Loans


    What are the typical interest rates for small business loans?

    Interest rates can vary widely, ranging from about 5% to over 30% per annum, depending on the loan type, lender, and the borrower's creditworthiness.

    What is the minimum trading history required for a small business loan?

    Lenders typically require a minimum trading history of 3 months to 2 years, but this can vary by loan type and lender and there are some lenders who welcome startup businesses.

    Are there options for businesses with bad credit?

    Yes, there are loan options for businesses with poor credit histories, though these usually come with higher interest rates and stricter repayment terms. Lenders may be more willing to lend to those with bad credit if the loan is secured with an asset.

    What is the maximum loan amount I can borrow for a small business?

    Loan amounts can range from as little as $10,000 up to $50 million, depending on the lender's policies and your capacity to make repayments.

    What documents are needed to apply for a small business loan?

    Some loans, like unsecured loans, don’t require documents, and assessments can be made with a read-only view of business bank statements. However, small business loan applications to banks typically require financials, tax portals, personal tax information, loan statements, a statement of position, and property-related documents like a contract of sale or invoice when financing property and goods.  Other lenders may require a portion of these documents.

    Can I repay my small business loan early?

    Many lenders allow early repayment without penalties, but it's important to confirm this as terms can vary between different financial products and lenders. Break fees can be expensive when they apply, so make sure to read the fine print and consult your lender before making any early payments.

    What fees are involved with small business loans?

    Fees can include application fees and valuation fees. There are also fees for defaults and other items specific to each loan.  Your loan agreement will list all fees and charges for your loan and you can request a schedule of fees before you make an application.

    Can startups qualify for small business loans?

    Yes, startup businesses can apply for business loans from a number of lenders.

    Can I negotiate the terms of my small business loan?

    Depending on the lender, some terms of the loan can be negotiable, particularly if you’re considered a strong applicant by the lender.

    Disclaimer: Loans and loan products are to approved applicants only.  Rates, fees, policy and inclusions are subject to change without notice.  As such no guarantees or warranties are made about the accuracy of the information on this page.

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