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    Without positive cash flow to keep up with day-to-day business, even the most profitable organisation would come to a standstill. At, we specialise in working capital and business cash flow solutions, so your business can seamlessly achieve your biggest goals without skipping a beat.

    Cash Flow Loans bring forward revenue recognition of expected future company incomes, and allow you to access your future payments before the cash has actually arrived. So you can access money from the future, without having to chase your customers for their payments.

    There are several reasons why you might want to bring revenue recognition forward in your business:

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    Cash Flow Lending through Invoice or Debtor Finance

    Invoice Finance, also known as Debtor Finance, allows you to access your future income before your customers have paid their invoices.

    If you have supplied a product or service to another business, the day you write the invoice, you can claim up to 85% of that invoice value immediately.

    Once your customer pays that invoice, the amount you’ve drawn down will be repaid, and the balance will be sent to you. Essentially, you can access the revenue from your invoice up to 90 days earlier than you would without an Invoice Finance facility.

    Cash Flow Lending

    The Cashflow Solution for the Construction Industry

    Secure payment within 24 hours

    It’s really common for us to receive enquiries from businesses who receive progress payments (not payment on invoice) looking for a cashflow solution like debtor finance, factoring or similar — for businesses operating under this payment model, cash flow-based loans are often a much more appropriate fit than traditional bank loans.

    Trade Finance and Debtor Finance are well established in the marketplace as legitimate lines of credit for those in a B2B environment, and there’s now a sizeable number of lenders offering much more competitive rates than in years gone by. But an easy solution isn’t always available for those in the construction or construction-related industries who rely on progress payments. But we have the answer!

    Secure payment within 24 hours
    Progress Claims Finance

    Progress Claims Finance

    Progress Claims Finance is tailor-made to support businesses that invoice under a contractual arrangement. In addition to sub-contractors within building and construction, this is often also relevant to plumbers, electricians, glaziers and engineers. It can even extend to those in IT.

    How does Progress Claims Finance work?

    Our example explains how Progress Claims Finance works.

    If a contractor has multiple contracts, the limit of credit available is equivalent to all of the progress payments that are approved at any one time. The lender will allow the contractor to draw down on these funds to cover the cost of materials and labour, and once payment is made, it clears the balance.

    This is a legitimate line of credit solution that does not require property security because you have the line of credit secured against the value of your progress payments.

    For businesses that have a debtor finance facility but also receive progress payments, both forms of finance can be utilised. There’s also insurance available to protect against bad debt, If you need flexible access to your future cash flow, Cash Flow Lending might be the right fit for you.


    A cash flow loan based on expected future income is generally an unsecured loan. However, asset-based loans like invoice finance are not unsecured loans. This is because the money is advanced based on the value of the expected future cash flow as detailed in your accounts receivable ledger. It differs from traditional secured loans in that you do not need to offer real estate security, which can provide peace of mind for the business owner seeking a business loan. An asset based loan is secured against inventory, accounts receivable or other balance sheet assets.

    Most cash flow lenders can assess your application within 24 hours and advance your funds once approval is granted. If you’re able to provide the required assessment documents promptly, the application process can be fairly prompt.

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