How to manage cashflow in a food services business

Food manufacturers and wholesalers have some of the longest cash flow cycles in businesses.

There are cashflow products that can be really helpful in continuing to produce product and bring revenue recognition forward.

Trade and import finance at the front end is a line of credit used for the material purchases that business need to make. This can be used internationally or domestically, and it’s a line of credit that gives 90 to 180 days to repay.

If you’ve got a longer lead time or you’re looking to grow invoice finance may support you.

This is a line of credit secured by your accounts receivable. Once you’ve written an invoice to your customer you can claim up to 85% of that invoice value straight away, and that can go into the cost of running your business so you can keep growing, doing higher volumes of orders, and you’re not limited by the cashflow or the amount of cash that you’ve got on hand within your business.

Using the two lines of credit together, you could get 90 days for invoice finance, up to 180 days for trade finance. So that’s up to a 270 day lifecycle of cashflow support for your business.

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