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Plant Hire Industry Finance

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    With more than $90B in major infrastructure projects across Australia currently under way in Australia, the Plant Hire Industry provides a vital role supplying businesses with specialised needs.  The Plant Hire industry also supplies the machinery needs of smaller businesses and consumers as well, meaning asset registers of plant equipment hire businesses can be as diverse as their customers.  At we understand the unique requirements of Plant Hire Businesses are more than excavator loans and extend to working capital, managing cash flow, staff and supporting the needs of industries as diverse as mining, landscaping and traditional civil construction.  

    Our solutions to the Plant Hire Industry are designed to provide the funding you need no matter if you’re a small operator just starting out or if you’re turning over many millions of dollars. We offer flexible loan amounts ranging from $10,000 to $50 million, ensuring that we can meet the diverse funding needs of your business no matter your stage of business growth.

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    Plant Hire businesses often require specialised solutions for secondhand or older assets. Our Equipment Finance solutions enable you to acquire the assets you need without straining your cash flow – with machinery loans for both established businesses and startups and even bad credit.

    In addition to specialised solutions on individual assets has arranged revolving equipment finance limits from both major banks and other lenders.  As working capital specialists we can assist you to ensure you have the right support in managing cash flow in your day to day operations.



    There are a wide range of equipment finance solutions that cover most plant and machinery hire needs including:

    • Excavators
    • Excavator attachments
    • Posi Tracks
    • Telehandlers
    • Bulldozers
    • Cranes
    • Backhoes
    • Forklifts
    • Generators
    • Trailers and more

    Yes, unsecured overdrafts are available to plant hire businesses without property security.  Banks will provide overdrafts without property security if a business meets their lending criteria.  Unsecured overdrafts are available from unsecured lenders and there are also line of credit facilities available for Plant Hire businesses.

    Yes it is easy to get machinery loans for a plant hire industry business.  There are no-doc machinery loans for established businesses for equipment financing up to $500,000.  We can finance older machinery and there are even loans for startup plant hire businesses.

    The business overdraft interest rate is not fixed and depends on many different factors.  Different banks will have different rates depending on the size and strength of your business.  Unsecured line of credit will typically have higher rates as an unsecured overdraft compared to overdrafts that are secured by property, however lower rates and no establishment fees are available.  

    Yes we have raised capital against excavators and other plant hire equipment to provide the money required for repairs and refurbishment.  The loan is just like other forms of equipment finance; provided you can service the loan and a valuer can establish the asset is worth more than the loan you’re seeking, this is an easy process with a number of lender options, including those for bad credit.

    A revolving limit for excavator finance and other assets gives your plant hire business the ability to finance and acquire assets without the need to apply for equipment finance every time.  If your plant hire business has an ongoing need for equipment this can save you time but more importantly give you certainty about your capacity to acquire the assets you need to help keep your business growing.

    Finance experts make money providing financing for commercial vehicles, trailers, machinery and other assets.  Lenders remunerate experts, which means commissions are only paid if the loan settles.

    We can finance any asset, no matter how old it is, provided it still has a useful life.  Whilst some banks have a preference for new excavators and other assets, there are a number of lenders who will finance excavators of any age provided it’s being sold by a dealer or a valuer establishes the asset still has a useful life.

    Interest rates vary depending on the lender, your business, your credit rating and the age of the excavator you’re buying.  Excavator finance interest rates are usually cheapest on newer assets, funded to strong businesses and directors with a good credit score.  However, whilst rates are higher for older equipment there are still solutions even if you have bad credit.

    No you don’t need to be a property owner to qualify for excavator finance.  There are many excavator finance solutions available from lenders to business owners who do not own property.

    Yes you can get excavator finance if you have an ATO tax debt, even if the banks have declined your application because of a tax debt.  There are many lenders who approve excavator finance to business owners with ATO tax debt. In the application process lenders will check that you’re either on a payment plan with the ATO or make sure you’re making some payments.

    Yes, you can get a line of credit for a plant hire business.  There are a range of solutions available including unsecured and secured lines of credit, bank and non-bank facilities, as well as Trade Finance for the supply payments and invoice finance to bring forward the cash flow on your invoices.

    Yes, you can get a loan for second hand excavators even if they’re being sold privately.  There are loans available for a wide range of second hand excavators, trailers, accessories, tools, machinery and attachments.  As long as there is useful life left in the asset and you can service the loan it is possible to get approved for second hand excavators and other items.

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