Brewing Success: Business Loans for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Man discussing cafe finance for his business with partner

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Man discussing cafe finance for his business with partner

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Cafes and Australia’s Coffee Culture
Australians love their coffee, with a majority drinking at least one cup a day. In a country with such a strong coffee culture, cafes are resilient businesses that can withstand unforeseen challenges. If you’re looking to open a cafe or to make improvements to your existing one, you can apply for business loans to help you achieve your goals.
Challenges Cafes are Facing
Cafe owners will have to face stiff competition, especially in higher-income and denser urban areas. Moreover, independent cafes will also have to compete with cheaper options like fast-food coffee offerings. Business owners must also keep up with customers' ever-evolving tastes and higher standards.
Using Loans to Start and Grow Your Cafe Business
Business loans can be used to address challenges that a cafe business owner may face. Loans can fund the startup and renovation of a cafe. Loans can also help with hiring and retention, equipment purchases, menu expansion, marketing, and sustainability efforts. Loans can also be used to cover daily expenses to keep the business running.
Business Loans for Cafes and Coffee Shops
Cafe owners can apply for secured and unsecured loans, business lines of credit, equipment and asset finance, and fitout finance. Each lender will have their own requirements, approval process, interest rates, and loan terms. Banks will usually offer lower rates and longer terms, but non-bank lenders will approve loans despite a low credit score and tax debt. Business owners must consider their financial situation before selecting lenders.

Around 75% of Australians drink at least one cup of coffee a day, with 27% admitting they can’t live without it. In a country with such a strong coffee culture, cafes continue to survive and thrive despite challenges.

In 2023, the cafe and coffee shop industry’s market size by revenue increased 31.1% from the previous year, a jump brought about by post-pandemic recovery. People are finally returning to physical establishments, ready to enjoy their brew in their favourite cosy cafes.

If you’re planning to open or renovate a cafe this year, applying for business loans can help you keep your cafe updated and ready to face any hurdles ahead.

Challenges Cafes are Facing

Here are some current challenges you may face this year as a cafe owner:


Facing more competition

More independent cafes are opening up, especially in higher-income or higher-traffic urban areas, creating more competition. Additionally, inexpensive establishments are starting to offer the same drinks as traditional cafes. Before, fast-food restaurants may serve basic coffee, but now, they have extensive cafe-like offerings, often at a lower price point. Cafe owners must ensure their quality remains high so consumers can find value in the extra cost.

evolving taste

Meeting customers’ evolving tastes

Coffee drinkers are more and more interested in high-quality beans and unique roasting and brewing methods. In the past years, the popularity of cold brew and other coffee innovations shows that customers are open to new things and are always developing their tastes. Cafe owners must keep up with what their customers want for their business to thrive.


Adapting to customers’ needs and preferences

Customers are more likely to expect food establishments to cater to different dietary restrictions. Business owners should ensure that they have sugar and milk alternatives as well as gluten-free and vegan options. Customers will also have some sustainability and ethical expectations, so investing in those initiatives can benefit your business.

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Strengthening branding and online presence

Cafes attract a mostly younger demographic who are attracted to the socialising aspect of going to cafes. Part of socialising will be posting content on social media, so cafes must have a solid concept and attractive, “post-worthy” aesthetics, from the interior design, packaging, and down to the food presentation. Cafes must also make an effort to strengthen their online presence and engage with their customers through social media.

Using Loans to Start and Grow Your Cafe Business

Business loans can help business owners address any challenges associated with running a cafe. Here are some expenses you can cover using the right loans:

Cafe Finance Startup Costs

To open a cafe, you often need capital to cover startup expenses. Expenses include the purchase or rent of your location, the purchase of furniture, equipment, and inventory, and the process of hiring staff. You can help finance your dream cafe by applying for the right business loans.

Higher Quality Coffee

With tougher competition and the rising popularity of cheaper alternatives, independent cafes can gain an advantage by choosing better-quality coffee. Business loans can help you get the necessary funds to upgrade your coffee stock so you can satisfy your customers’ discerning palates.

Expanding Offerings

Loans can fund the expansion of a cafe’s food and beverage offerings. Expansion can include new coffee varieties, new drinks, new food items, or the addition of dietary alternatives like plant-based milk, gluten-free options, and more.

Latest Equipment

Loans can help facilitate the purchase of the latest cafe equipment. These include new espresso machines, refrigerators, milk steamers, and POS machines. Purchasing or updating equipment not only improves your products and services but also streamlines your operations.

Updated Interiors

With the increasing preference for aesthetically pleasing interiors, cafe owners can boost their business by ensuring their interiors are updated. Since outfitting or renovating interiors costs a lot, businesses can turn to loans to cover the costs.

Hiring and Training

Well-trained baristas and staff are essential to the success of your coffee shop. Business loans can cover hiring costs as well as training and other initiatives that can improve retention.

Marketing and Promotion

Business loans can help fund marketing strategies to promote the cafe, attract new customers, and build brand awareness. This may include social media campaigns, loyalty programs, and other advertising efforts.

Sustainability Efforts

Around 38% of Australians always consider sustainability when making purchases. Making sustainability efforts is good for both the environment and your business. Loans can help you take on efforts like switching to recyclable packaging, choosing more sustainable suppliers, and facilitating promos and rewards programs.

Working Capital

Businesses can use loans to help pay for daily operational expenses like bills, payroll, and debt payments. Loans can also cover emergency expenses, like sudden equipment breakdowns, workplace accidents, legal fees, and more.

Business Loans for Cafes and Coffee Shops


Secured and Unsecured Loans

Cafe owners have access to both secured and unsecured loans. For secured loans, lenders will require security in the form of a property or asset. This security helps lenders mitigate risk and ensure repayment of the loan. If you don’t have significant assets, you can apply for unsecured loans. Lenders that offer unsecured loans will typically ask for guarantees from the business and director. Unsecured loans usually assess your eligibility based on a read-only assessment of your business bank accounts. For this reason, the application process can be quick, which is great for businesses that need funds immediately.


Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is a financial solution that gives you fast access to cash whenever your business needs it. The lender provides the borrower with a credit limit which they can borrow from any time as long as the amount is within the limit. Interest is only applied to the amount that’s outstanding at any time. As you repay, the limit resets, which means you can access the funds once again if the need arises. 

An example of a business line of credit is an overdraft, which can be secured or unsecured. The process for obtaining an unsecured overdraft often relies on a read only view of bank statements which means approvals can occur within hours.  If the limit is $500,000 or less, lenders will typically ask for low or no financial documents. It’s possible to get approved despite tax debt and a previous loan rejection from a bank. For a lot of businesses, unsecured overdrafts are a precious lifeline that keeps their businesses going.


Equipment and Asset Finance

If you’re in need of new espresso machines, commercial fridges, or other cafe equipment, you can apply for equipment finance. Equipment finance is a specialised loan meant for the purchase of equipment and machinery needed for business operations. The benefit of equipment finance is you can get your commercial appliances upfront so you can run your cafe right away.


Fitout Finance

Fitout finance is a loan specific to funding interior improvements to a business’s premises. Improvements include interior design, furniture outfitting, HVAC, wiring, plumbing, flooring, partitions, and more. Fitout finance can help you update the looks of your cafe, but it can also help you keep your space compliant with health and safety regulations.

Choosing Business Loan Lenders

Business loans can come from banks and other traditional institutions, but they can also come from online and private lenders.

When you apply for loans at a bank, you may be asked to present full financial documents and property security. Your credit history and credit score may also be more closely scrutinised. The approval period may take longer, but once approved, you’ll enjoy lower interest rates and more favourable loan terms.

As for non-bank lenders, they can accept loan applications from borrowers of varying financial situations. It’s possible to get a loan from a non-bank lender with little or no financial documents. They can also offer loans for those with ATO tax debt and a lower credit score. If you’re in a pinch, non-bank lenders can offer fast approvals.

Consult Loan Experts to Find the Right Loans and Lenders

Whichever lender you choose will depend on your needs and your current financial standing. If you’re not sure which lender will give you the best terms for your situation, you can always turn to loan experts for guidance. We at can help you find loan solutions to help your cafe business succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

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