Cash Flow Gaps Solved – 2 Lender SME Govt Backed Loan Offers


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As Melbourne and Sydney begin to reopen, business lenders are seeking to innovate to provide standout value and provide business owners solutions to help business.

There are lots – but two offers currently standout head and shoulders above the others.

Offer 1 – Under Stage 3 of the Government Loan Scheme

7.5%pa unsecured revolving line of credit

– Pay subcontractors,
– use it for material supplies,
– import goods, equipment and machinery
– cash flow your inventory
– use it as floor plan finance and save your own cash
– you don’t have to own property to be approved
– safeguard your cash flow through the upcoming holiday period

Apply in minutes over the phone

Approvals in 24 hours (to approved applicants)

Funds available in 3 days

Outstanding ATO balances are ok.  Minimum turnover $700k pa – there are options for businesses turning over less than $700k

Offer 2 – Under Stage 4 of the Government Loan Scheme 

80% Government Backed Equipment Finance for Equipment / Machinery between $500k – $2M

  • No restrictions on asset type. 
  • Trucks, excavators, food production, primary or tertiary goods all welcome.
  • New or second hand
  • Fitout finance ok
  • Tax debt ok
  • Also doing no doc asset finance to $250k
  • Fast turnaround on applications 
  • Can apply by phone
  • Rates of 5.95% pa

Please note – Both of these expire in December so settlements need to happen sooner rather than later.

P.S. Here’s a list of some of the solutions we’re doing for clients at the moment.  

  • $1M low doc loan to fund environment remediation
  • $130k car finance to a credit impaired director
  • $3.5M 3-on-1 townhouse development for a builder in Melbourne
  • $2.4M low doc loan with no repayments for 12 months to pay out tax debt and prevent adverse action by the ATO against the director and their personal assets
  • $1.4M home loan for a director to complete a property purchase

Get in touch to talk through your situation.

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