The funding needs of a business supplying supermarkets in Australia is diverse. With a product cycle that might include importing and manufacturing coupled with long payment terms it’s not uncommon for us to assist with import and trade finance, invoice finance and equipment finance for specialist machines for production and packaging. This way businesses can preserve cash and be confident they have the backing to fulfil the large volume orders that are consistently required.

In addition to this, it’s not uncommon for the supermarkets to push for their suppliers to develop a new product in a similar category that supports the direction the retailer wishes to go. 

With the potential for research and development costs, testing, packaging design requirements and other items, this is a process that can involve significant cost over a period of time before the business starts to distribute their new product through the stores and recognises a return. It’s these associated costs and the marketing budget that might be required to support the new product that can be supported by a range of funding measures including unsecured lending.

Case Study:

Business required funding to assist with the manufacturing and distribution of new food product lines to a major supermarket. 

Outcome: $400,000 funded to the business to cover research, development and associated costs with brand creation and delivery.

Time from application to settlement 2 days.