Invoice Financing: Could it Benefit Your Business?

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Definition Invoice financing is a line of credit that allows businesses to access cash from invoices that haven’t been paid yet. Lenders will allow businesses to access up to 85% of an invoice immediately, which can help with cash flow and operational expenses like payroll. After the invoice is paid by your customer, the lender deducts their fees from the remaining percentage and transfers the balance to the business.
Advantages of Invoice Financing Some advantages of invoice financing include the speed of acquiring funds and the simple approval process. Lenders typically don’t ask for property security and have more relaxed requirements, though they differ from lender to lender.
Challenges of Invoice Financing Some disadvantages of invoice finance include potentially high costs of lending due to the variation between lenders – it’s important to select the best solution you qualify for. Invoice finance is also not suitable for all types of businesses.
Is Invoice Financing Beneficial for Your Business? Invoice financing is beneficial to certain types of businesses. It’s a great solution for those in the B2B industry with high input costs who may have to wait longer for payments. Businesses in manufacturing, transport, wholesale, and more are most suitable for this type of line of credit.

Business owners need funds to cover operational expenses like payroll, bills, and material inputs. However, for businesses billing on invoices after work is delivered, it’s common to encounter cash flow issues that make it difficult to meet these expenses. There are a number of line of credit solutions to assist businesses, one of which is invoice finance.

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing is a line of credit solution that enables a business to use its outstanding invoices to obtain a cash advance from a lender. Business owners can access a percentage of their invoice value (usually up to 85%) on the same day they wrote their invoice. This provides a reliable solution to assist a business with its working capital. Once the customer pays the invoice in full, the lender deducts its fees from the remaining percentage and remits the remaining balance to the business.

Invoice financing is a useful tool for B2B industries whose billing terms are for payment after their product or service has been delivered. For businesses, this long period without payment can create cash flow issues, making operations and taking on new contracts difficult. Invoice finance is an easy way to get quick funding for short-term pressing needs.

Advantages of Invoice Financing

Here are some of the top advantages of invoice finance:


Improved Cash Flow

One of the primary benefits of invoice financing is the immediate improvement of cash flow. Rather than waiting for customers to pay their invoices, businesses can access funds quickly, allowing them to meet pressing financial obligations and invest those funds back into their business.


Fast Access to Capital

Once established, businesses can draw on the credit available in their invoices up to their predetermined limit. Depending on the lender access to capital can occur immediately or within 24 hours of writing an invoice.


No Property Security

Your invoices or accounts receivable secure the loan so you usually don’t require a property to secure the finance.


Easier Approval

Invoice finance is available from a range of lenders including banks. There are lenders for most circumstances including those with bad credit.

Challenges of Invoice Financing

Although invoice finance is a great solution, it is not for everyone. Here are some challenges associated with invoice financing:

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Is Invoice Finance Beneficial for Your Business?

Invoice finance is a quick and easy way to get the cash flow support businesses need to continue daily operations. Ultimately, it is beneficial to certain types of businesses. This type of loan is an excellent way to get funding for those in B2B industries who may wait long periods for customers to pay.

Some businesses that can benefit greatly from receivables financing are…

Get Invoice Financing for Your Business

If you need quick access to funds to cover working capital, emergency expenses, and the cost of new contracts, you can apply for invoice finance. Once it’s set up, you can get cash as fast as within 24 hours. Look for lenders with favourable rates and terms to get the best value out of your invoices. If you need help looking for lenders, don’t hesitate to reach out to loan experts. can help steer you in the right direction. Contact us today.

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