Why Choose Short Term Business Loans?

Short Term Business Loans

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According to the RBA, SME’s demand for business loans rose during the past year and, with alternative business loan solutions more accessible than ever, much of that lending demand has been filled by short term business loans. 

Short term business loans in Australia are most often sought after when a business needs fast access to cash. These loans are designed to give business owners the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities, handle emergencies, and manage business cash flow. With repayment terms ranging from a few months to 5 years, you’re not locked into a long-term commitment. 

And most attractive; the assessment process is often completed in minutes, without financials, so business owners can get funds fast.

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Short term business loans are a go-to option for businesses in Australia looking for a quick and flexible finance solution. They’re especially useful for bridging business cash flow gaps or handling unexpected expenses. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, short term business loans can be a valuable tool.

Key Features of Short Term Business Loans

The key features of short term business loans include:

  1. Fast and Convenient Access to Funds: One of the main advantages of a short term business loan is the speed. With a streamlined application process, usually not requiring financials, applications can be completed in minutes.
  1. Secured or Unsecured: Short term business loans can be secured or unsecured, depending on your situation and the amount of funds you’re seeking. Unsecured loans are typically faster to apply for, but many property backed options can also be accessed and settled within a week.  
  1. Shorter Repayment Terms: Short term business loans are designed to be paid back with terms ranging from a few months to 5 years. This makes them ideal to take advantage of market opportunities and plug business cash flow gaps.
  1. Assessment Process: The assessment process for unsecured short term business loans is often based on the analysis of business bank data, rather than financial statements. This means that businesses can receive funding without providing extensive financial information, making the application process fast and convenient.  If using a Private Lender to access a short term loan the assessment process is based on a property valuation and suitable exit strategy.
  1. Same-Day Settlement: It’s true, some short term business loans can be settled the same day.  If you need an emergency same day business loan, and you use the right lender, your application could be settled and funded on the same day you apply. 

Whether it’s for bridging a business cash flow gap, covering unexpected expenses, or taking advantage of growth opportunities, a short term business loan can be a valuable tool for many business owners.

Advantages of Short-Term Business Loans

One of the great things about short-term business loans in Australia is the wide range of lending options available to you. 

Not only can you access these loans from traditional lenders like banks and fintechs but you can also find private lenders who specialize in providing same day business loans with flexible finance lending solutions. This makes short-term business loans a great option for start-up businesses, as well as those with less-than-perfect credit who may not be able to secure a loan from a traditional bank.

Another advantage of short-term business loans is their ability to help you manage your business cash flow and working capital needs. 

By providing fast access to cash with same-day business loans, you can avoid dipping into your own savings or maxing out personal credit (like your credit cards). Whether you’re facing unexpected expenses, need to make a big purchase, or simply want to smooth out fluctuations in your cash flow, short-term business loans can provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

Why choose Dark Horse Financial to help you with your Short Term Business Loans?

We’re experts in all things related to short-term loans.  We know which lenders will support your industry and know those to avoid.  We can help you make the right choice and get the support you need as a start-up business with a flexible finance solution, if you’re a mature business looking to make an investment into your next growth phase or even if your credit is not as perfect as it could be.

If you’re looking to make lump sum repayments we can steer you towards lenders who will give you discounts for early repayment and even those who will welcome you if you have a number of loans already.

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