Business Loans Can Save a Business

In recent weeks there’s been a big uptick in business lending enquiry.  Amongst that enquiry has been calls about cash flow lending, business tax debt and raising capital to fund a restructure.

It’s not surprising – tax debt owed to the ATO is at an all-time high.

This kind of business lending is important.

So is lending for investment, equipment purchases and asset finance – the kind of lending that propels growth.  

But this is different.

The lending that goes along with saving someone’s business, helping them through a restructure, buying out a partner, taking care of tax debt makes a big difference to business outcomes. 

And people.

The circumstances that lead up to these scenarios are stressful. 

Business owners are usually very thankful there’s a credit solution when they didn’t think there was one.

How can business owners avoid these circumstances?

Sometimes these situations could have been avoided.  Sometimes it’s a matter of experience and careful planning.

Some thoughts…

Knowing your numbers is important. 

Understanding your incomings and outgoings rather than just your bank balance makes a big difference to informed business decisions and sustainability.

Even if you and your team are sales guns, if you’ve got a spending problem the impacts of that will be realised sooner or later.

Just because you can finance luxury cars for the leadership team before you’re profitable doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

The tax man will come eventually – have a plan for that and take action or they’ll make one for you (and take action).

Good mentors are gold.

If these thoughts are too late…call.



P.S. Here’s a list of some of the solutions we’re doing for clients at the moment.  

  • $300k no doc loan for working capital while a business restructured
  • $650k no doc loan to refinance a private loan another broker had organised (our rate was a third of the original loan)
  • $1M low doc loan to fund environment remediation
  • $650k no doc loan with no repayments for 12 months to cash flow a startup business
  • $400k low doc loan for working capital to a mining business

Get in touch to talk through your situation.

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