Case Study: $600k Debt Consolidation Loan Using Equity in Equipment and Home

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Case Study: $600k Debt Consolidation Loan Using Equity in Equipment and Home

(Tax Debt + 2 Expensive Loans Retired)

Our client approached us explaining the ATO had refused to enter into a payment plan unless they raised at least half of their outstanding tax debt.

With 2 pre-existing loans with very high interest costs already in place, they did not have servicing capacity for any unsecured lending.

Workshopping the client’s scenario with one of our lenders, we identified if the two existing loans were retired and all of the ATO was paid out servicing could work.

This solution dealt with the ATO and improved the business owner’s cash flow by several thousand dollars per month.

Dealing with a difficult debt you need to consolidate for better terms?

To maximise cash flow and improve capacity, capital can be released from the equity you hold in plant and equipment over a 5-year term, and equity releases against property can also be relied upon.

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If you find yourself in a challenging financial situation, we can help you get through it by finding the best solutions based on your situation. 

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