If you have run a business for any length of time, you’ve likely personally experienced the need for emergency funding or witnessed that need by observing the challenges other business owners have faced.

We take you through three ways of raising capital quickly with fast lending.

Why would a business need funding fast?

No matter your industry, there are many reasons why businesses may need fast funding. Here are a few of the most common reasons we see:

  • Builders and property developers might need extended terms because of bad weather or material shortages delaying completion.
  • You could need fast finance if you’ve received a garnishee notice from the ATO and need to repay your debt quickly or help with managing bills and other money problems.
  • Bridging finance may be needed to get you from one credit facility to another or while you wait to realise capital.
  • More and more, we’re funding seed capital to keep ventures liquid while they realise interest from investors.
  • You might have your eye on an opportunity you know is going to deliver you a great return, and you need to grab hold of the opportunity quickly.
    Whatever the reason, here are three ways to get the finance you need fast without requiring financials, bank statements and tax returns.

Whatever the reason, here are three ways to get the finance you need fast without requiring financials, bank statements and tax returns.

construction worker


The benefit of unsecured loans is they’re fast.

For applications up to $300k, you may be able to access a fast cash loan contract on a low doc basis without the need for financials. This means assessment, approvals, and even settlement can all be done within 24 hours for approved applicants.

(Please note, we are referring to unsecured business loans, and not an unsecured personal loan).


There are lots of lenders who are very happy to cash out equity against trucks and vehicles, even equipment and machinery.

The benefit of using your asset as security is this makes the finance much cheaper than an unsecured loan with a favourable interest rate and loan terms — and you don’t have to offer your family home as security as many do with business and personal loans.

You’ll also get a longer loan term by using equipment finance, which means it’s easier on cash flow with repayments much less than an unsecured loan.

Many lenders won’t require financials, but if your documents are in order, you can access much larger amounts of capital with lenders funding a loan amount of well over $1M.


For amounts from $80k to $50M, there are lenders who provide loans to businesses with property security — even if you have bad credit, an outstanding ATO debt or payment plan, or other difficulties.

This is a great way to extend a development term and make sure you take a project through to completion and fully realise its potential.

Much faster than banks, if you have an exit position these lenders will fast track the low doc assessment based on your equity position. Some even offer no repayments for 12 months!


Final tips

  • Leverage your turnover with an unsecured loan to get access to super fast money in your bank account so that you can take action.
  • Unlock the equity you’re holding in your fleet, equipment or machinery with repayments that are more friendly to your cash flow.
  • Fix big problems or go after great returns by utilising the equity you hold in property with the potential of no loan repayments for 12 months.

Whatever the issue, if you need to raise cash fast and are looking to access a loan today, give me a call on 0439062771. With our quick loan application process and fast approval, you could access cash as soon as today!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

And here are a couple of examples of the solutions we’re pleased to be providing our clients:

  • $700k second mortgage for a business owner to expand an exciting new opportunity.
  • $5M in residential lending for a business owner’s home and investment.
  • $100k car loan to a credit-impaired director.
  • $4M of funding for a property development.
  • $650k refinance for a business owner’s private loan.


Can I fill in an online application form?

If you would like to learn more about accessing commercial finance, please get a quote and we will be in touch with you very soon. This quote form is not an online application form so no credit check will be completed. We can help you access same business day finance and move very quickly.

What fees can I expect to pay?

Once the appropriate finance product has been selected and approved, you may pay an establishment fee and account fees in addition to interest rates. However, the fees vary based on the finance solution, so we can provide you with more information at the time of application.

Can I get a loan on Government benefits?

We are commercial finance specialists providing finance solutions to Australian businesses and self-employed people. If you are an Australian business owner who happens to be receiving benefits, we may be able to help. If not, it may pay to seek advice from an independent financial counsellor or try a personal loan calculator.